Hi everyone, I am a gamer too. Welcome to my site 🙂 I will share my knowledge as much as I can. My methods are already tested (it really works).

Msvcp100.dll is a kind of Dynamic-link-library which is used in window system. There are a lot of reasons to happen missing dll errors. Actually it is missing. You need to add this dll into your system. That’s all. There are two way to do this. Use dll fixer or add msvcp100.dll into your system folder.

This is error when you install 64 bit version of window based on 32 bit  OS.This can be fixed easily by downloading and following instruction.Install Dll-fixer or copy mscvp100.dll into C:\window\system64 and paste it(Note: only do this manually if dll fixer not working.).

How to Fix MSVCP100.dll error

If you do not know what you are doing, let me suggest you to use Dynamic Link Library Fixer. It msvcp100.dll is a kind of Dynamic Link Library. When a program ask for it and your PC cannot give then this error “MSVCP100.dll is missing” occurs.

Unlike other errors, this error is not fatal. It just ask DLL ( Dynamic Link Library). You just need to give it. Open Dynamic Link Library Fixer and click fix. I don’t know what’s your computer’s OS (window XP? 7? 8? 8.1? 10?).

You can download here : Dynamic Link Library Fixer  (mirror 1)



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